Date: 12th May 2016
Datascope One Piece ECG Cable
Datascope one piece ecg cable and lead wiresConnector: round 6 pinsCompatible Monitors:Abbott Medical: EX-50,Website:, Lifecare 5100, Lifecare 5200;Air Shields: HRRM-71-1/2, Porta-Fib I, II, III, System5, System6;ALT: 800, 800Plus, CX ATL Ultrasound, CX200, CX400, Apogee, HDI 9/200, Interspec Cardiology XL, Mark IV, Mark Vii, Ultramark 4/5/7/9;BCI Biochem International: 3101, 3404, 6100, 6200, 9100, 9200, Advisor, Autocorr;Carewell CPM-8000;Colin: BP308, BP408, CBM3000;Criticare: 504US, 504USP, 506, 507, 507E, 507ELC2, 507S, 508, 602-4B, 602-4USP, 1100, 2200, Poet 2, Scholar;Datascope: 2000, 2000A, 2001, 2002, 2100, 2200, 3000, 3000A, Ballon Pump, M/D3, M/D3A, M/D4, Passport, Passport IL, Passport EL, Passport XG, Passport XL, Passport 2, Passport 2LT, Passport 5L, Trio, Spectrum, Spectrum OR, System 82, System 83, System 90, System 90T, System 96 and System 97.Edan: M8, M8A, M8B, M9, M9A;GE?: Corometrics 556, Critikon 8100T, Dinamap 8700/9700;IVY Biomedical:101 (before 1989), 402, 700; LSI: LS5, 261;MDE: Escort 100, 101, 102, 200, 300, Prism, 360SL, 450SL, 521A, PortaPak 80, PortaPak 90/1000;Mindray: MEC 200, MEC 1000, MEC 1200;Physio Control (Medtronic): Lifepak 5, Lifepak 6, Lifepak 6S, Lifepak 7, Lifepak 8, Lifepak 9, Lifepak 10, Physio 1440/R, VSM-1ESF, VSM-2, VSM-2ESF, VSM-3;Nellcor: N-200, N-250, C-LOCK, N-1000, NPB-3900, NPB-4000;Nihon Kohden: BSM-8301A, 8302A, 8500A, 8502A, OEC-6102A (s/n>20156), 7102A, 8108A, OEC-6105A (s/n>20226), TEC 5531E, TEC-7100A, TEC-5200A (s/n>20421), TEC-7200A, 7300A;Novametrix: 902, 903, 910, Life Defense 1;Pace Tech: Minipack 300, Minipack 3000/3100, MiniMax 4000CL, Vitalmax 800 Plus, 2100, 2200, 4000, 4100, Vitalmax 4000CL, 4000, Modular/4100CL;Palco;Philips: M3921A A1, M3923A A1, M3925A A1, M3927A A3, M3929A A3;Pioneer (American Optical): 26125, 33167, 5260, 5330, Pulsar 4;PPG (Datamedix, Becton-Dickinson): Guardian 1001, N1001;Siemens: Sirecust 300DU, Sirecust 610, Sirecust 630, Sirecust DU, Cypress Ultrasound;Spacelabs Burdick: Medic 3, Medic 4, Medic 5, Medic 6, Series 500, Series 600, Series 900 90300/90400/90600/90700 Series, TEK-208/408/511/512/514/521, PCMS, 067112;Tektronix (Vitatek): 4045 Defib/208/400/500 Series;Welch Allyn: Propaq 100, Propaq 200 Series, Atlas Propaq Encore, Propaq CS, Ultra Smart, PIC 30, PIC 40, PIC 50;Zoll: M Series, E Series R Series, PD1200, PD1400, PD1600, PD1700, D900, PD2000, OEM: 8000-0025What types we can supply:U314-13SADatascope one piece ECG cable with 3-lead wires,Snap,AHAU314-13SIDatascope?one piece ECG cable with 3-lead wires,Snap,IEC U314-13CADatascope?one piece ECG cable with 3-lead wires,Clip,AHA U314-13CIDatascope?one piece ECG cable with 3-lead wires,Clip,IEC U314-15SADatascope?one piece ECG cable with 5-lead wires,Snap,AHA U314-15SIDatascope?one piece ECG cable with 5-lead wires,Snap,IEC U314-15CADatascope?one piece ECG cable with 5-lead wires,Clip,AHA U314-15CIDatascope?one piece ECG cable with 5-lead wires,Clip,IEC
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